Meet the “Brave Ones”: The Women Saving Africa’s Wildlife

Phundundu Wildlife Park – located in Zimbabwe – is a 115 square mile former trophy hunting area that is part of a larger ecosystem home to some 11,000 elephants. It is also the first nature reserve in the world to be managed and protected by an all-women ranger unit.

This ranger unit – who call themselves “Akashinga” (“Brave Ones” in Shona) – are using new approaches that are far less violent, empower women and improve communities in the process, and may be the start of a new way to carry out conservation.

“When I manage to stop poachers, I feel accomplished. I want to spend my whole life here on this job, arresting poachers and protecting animals.”

–Kelly Lyee Chigumbura, Akashinga ranger

Read the full story: BBC Future
Photo: Screen shot from BBC News video (below)

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