How Women Who Left Turkey are Secretly Giving Voice to Women Left Behind

On July 15, 2016, a faction of the Turkish army attempted to overthrow the Turkish government. Though the coup failed, it resulted in harsh crackdowns and widespread arrests of hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens. Many of those jailed were pregnant women, or women who had just given birth; they had been arrested on the grounds that they were “associates” of their husbands, who were suspected of having ties to terrorism.

A small group of Turkish women in Massachusetts felt worried and helpless about what was happening to friends and families there.

Here’s the story of how this group met in secret for over a year and decided to record interviews and preserve the stories of women in Turkey who were detained or sent to prison. These stories have now been published by Boston University as a publicly available online audio archive: “Undaunted Voices of Turkey: Stories of Women Who Resist.”

Read the full story: PRI – The World
Image: Faith Yurur/Unsplash

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