A Huge Climate Change Movement Led By Teenage Girls Is Sweeping Europe. And It’s Coming To The US Next.

A huge student protest movement led almost exclusively by teenage girls and young women is sweeping Europe, and it’s on the brink of breaking through in the US.

The protests are injecting a new urgency into the debate around climate change, and calling attention to a lack of action by governments. They are also a sign of the new political power of young women, especially in Europe. Climate strikes have also been organized by students in Australia, and US organizers are planning to participate in an international day of action on March 15.

“If you’re a victim of a system of oppression, you’re more affected by the climate crisis — that goes for women. Nobody is going to hand us this. We have to step up and raise our voices.”

–Jamie Margolin, 17-year-old founder and executive director of Zero Hour

Read the full story: Buzzfeed News
Photo credit: Flickr/Mark Dixon

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  1. Jill Kanter says:

    Michelle–What a great story to share and support the wave of positive global change!

    Well done! ????

    Jill D. Kanter T: 617.699.3029 http://www.jillkanter.com


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