Apple and Google Urged to Dump Saudi App That Lets Men Track Women

Saudi Arabia, one of the most restrictive countries in the world for women, requires that all women obtain permission from their male “guardian” (usually a father or husband, or sometimes a brother or son) to travel, have medical procedures, or make other types of decisions.

In 2015, the Saudi government created an app called Absher (roughly translated as “Yes, sir”) which allows male guardians to “track” women under their guardianship.

Now, American senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) is demanding that Google and Apple stop selling the app.

“It is hardly news that the Saudi monarchy seeks to restrict and repress Saudi women, but American companies should not enable or facilitate the Saudi government’s patriarchy.”

–U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

Read the full story: New York Times
Image: Screen shot of Absher app from Apple App Store

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