What Are the Biggest Problems Facing Women Today?

This article outlines the responses of several interesting American women – including a feminist writer, media host, historian, US lawmakers and presidential candidates – to the following questions: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing women in the U.S. today? And what do you think is the biggest challenge facing women internationally today?

Some responses were in line with what we all know, such as sexism and economic inequality. But there were also some very thought-provoking ideas, such as trauma-centered feminism and the lack of respect for caregiving.

“In countries like Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia and Egypt women are contending with practices such as honor killings, genital mutilation, acid burnings, child marriage and gender apartheid. However, there is good news. The number of educated women in these countries has reached critical mass and they are making their presence felt…[and] the laws are beginning to change.” 

— Christina Hoff Summers, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

Read the full story: Politico
Image: Unsplash/Gerd Altman

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