The Women Who Are Clearing Minefields in Sri Lanka

It has been nearly 10 years since the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, a horrific conflict that lasted more than 25 years and claimed an estimated 100,000 lives. A decade later, land mines and unexploded ordnance still litter the northern landscape, endangering those who are trying to return to their previous lives.

This photo essay highlights Tamil women who are doing the dangerous work of clearing the many land mines that still exist – and some share their stories about why they feel compelled to do this work.

“I was nervous the first day and the first time I found a grenade, but I was affected by the war, so doing this work is very satisfying for me. I always think that it’s just because of my work that people get to come back and live in their homes again.”

–Inthira Piriyatharsini, land mine worker

Read the full story: The Atlantic
Photo: Unsplash/Elisabeth Agustín

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